Some Tips on Social Media Marketing for Dentists

Social Media Marketing for Dentists

When new dental patients search online for you with their city in the search box, your online reviews and the online reviews of your competitors show up off to the right side. New dental patients find tremendous value when looking over these Social Media reviews. Furthermore, new dental patients are much more likely to compare and contrast reviews because they are all presented right next to each other in most search engines. The firsthand reviews of patients are very powerful in the decision-making process of patients. There is a fair amount of consumer data to back this up. Even if your practice had been recommended by a friend, a competitor might be able to steal that new patient away if that competitor had a high volume of extremely favorable reviews (Check this post out about how to deal with bad reviews about your dental practice) compared to your handful of positive reviews).


Making the right decision is very important to most patients searching for a new dentist. The only channels they have to learn about you without getting biased information directly from you is through people who have visited you. Because of the value new patients place on reviews, it is critical that you pay close attention to your online reputation.


To avoid the scenario of losing new dental patients who are doing online research, you need to control your reputation on the Internet. The best way to do this is for your dental practice to create its dental review site. By having your dental review site it, your practice will reduce a tremendous amount of influence in the new patient’s decision-making process. As the prospective dental patient is doing his or her research and stumble across your review site with scores and scores of favorable reviews, that dental patient is much more likely to end up visiting you. In fact, sometimes, you might even sway dental patients who were strongly considering visiting one of your competitors. Online favorable reviews have been shown to have this effect.

Favorable Campaigns That Generate New Clients

It is not difficult to develop a favorable Social Media Marketing campaign for your dental practice, particularly if you have your review site. The SEO Dentist has a strong team that does excellent work both in SEO and social media for dentists.  It is not unusual to see sixteen patients in a typical dental practice daily. It would not be hard to get feedback from your patients on your review site. The good part is that you can collect reviews from all your patients. With your review site, you will be able to control which reviews get pushed online and syndicated to search engines. Because of this, you will not need to pre-screen patients and get the only small number of potentially favorable reviews. When you collect reviews from as many patients as possible, in a little time you will have webpages and webpages of extremely favorable review content which you can publish online and syndicate out to search engines.

Check out this video from Gary V in regards to being a content marketing animal:

Within fifteen miles of most dental practices, fifty searches occur each day for a dentist. The internet marketing plan this article has reviewed will help you capture that new business. The following metaphor helps explain the value of having reviews for your dental practice. With a website, your dental practice has only a thin section of a lower shelf in the aisle dedicated to dental services on the web. As your practice publishes more and more favorable reviews, your dental practice will occupy more and more shelf space. Before long, new patients looking for dental services in your area will be more likely to find you when searching on the aisle of Internet dedicated to dental services.